Hinsdale Campground at Thicket Hill Village in Hinsdale, NH

Welcome to Hinsdale Campground!!

We want you to have a great time camping at our family campground!

Campground Guidelines 2009

Speed Limit – 10 MPH throughout the campground

Check-In Time1:00 PM

Check-Out Time11:00 AM (If you would like to stay later than 11AM particularly on Sunday, and we do not have another party assigned to your site, we will try and accommodate your needs)


CampfiresCampfires are to be confined to the fire rings located on each site.  Please do not move the fire rings.  Never leave a fire unattended.  When extinguishing the fire, douse the fire with water, NEVER use sand.  Please make certain that your fire is completely out before retiring at night.


Fires – Need to be out by 12:00 pm, this time is issued thru our Burn permit.




Please maintain a clean neat area around the fireplace at all times.  Please report any problems or repairs required immediately to the office. No burning of trash this could result in you not being able to have a fire. It’s against New Hampshire fire code.


BathhouseThe “Bathhouse” is for your personal use.  Please wash dishes, pots & pans and ATV clothes, outside in the wash sink provided. Do not allow your children in the bathhouse unattended as they can get hurt.   


Sites –- PLEASE be considerate of your fellow camper, do not cut through other sites.


GuestsNeed to register at front office upon arrival. If we catch an unregistered guest at your site they will be asked to leave, this is for the safety of all campers in our campground.  


Alcoholic Beverage Policy:  Drinking in the privacy of ones home or yard is a personal matter, but drunken behavior, drinking in the streets, excessive noise or shouting, fights or similar activity occasioned by excessive use of alcohol, drugs or otherwise, shall be grounds for eviction.  No refund will be made.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed near or around the pool area. 

Drugs- If illegal drugs are your choice, please choose to stay somewhere else.  Hinsdale Campground is a family campground.  Drug use is not welcome. No warning automatic eviction


Any camper indicted, applied, arraigned or convicted for a federal, state or local crime may be removed from campground without explanation at the discretion of the management and or ownership of Hinsdale Campground.


QUIET HOURS are from 10:00 PM to 9:00 AMThis means QUIET, QUIET, QUIET.  Sound travels greatly in the woods so when we are making our rounds at night, we may stop by and let you know that you can be heard beyond your campsite.  Please no exceptions. 


Parking: Only two vehicles per site is permitted. Additional cars should be parked in our “Visitors Lot”.


Pets:  Remember, leashes and pooper scoopers are both required.  Also, please do not leave your pet unattended.  QUIET hours for pets are from 7AM to 7AM seven days a week. You need to keep a copy of Rabies certificate at front office at all times. No Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and chows, 2 pets only


Children under 16 must be accompanied by an ADULT (over 18 years of age).  Food, beverages in glass containers, sharp objects, floats, rafts, toys, etc.  are not permitted in the pool area. No animals are permitted in the pool area or playground.


Playground Area & Swimming Pool Rules:

  1. Parents are responsible for All actions of their children throughout the campground, but especially in the pool and playground area.
  2. There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY and all children under 16 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult or guardian.
  3. No glass around the pool area shall be permitted at any time.
  4. No DIVING into the pool.
  5. No running around the pool area or making others uncomfortable by your actions. (Excessive noise, splashing or plain inconsideration as considered by common sense)
  6. All basketball, baseball, and field areas are meant to be enjoyed by young and old alike – we ask your consideration of being thoughtful of others.
  7. Please observe rule and regulation sign posted in pool area.

Damage to Property:  Campers shall be responsible for any damage within the community caused by their dependents, guest or visitors.


Recreation Center: Use of Rec. Center is a privilege not a right of Campers, that privilege may be revoked at discretion of Management.

  1. No Running
  2. No Swearing
  3. No Fooling Around
  4. No Heelys, skateboards, rollerblades at any time
  5. Any damage done you are responsible
  6. No children under the age of 10 allowed in Rec. Hall without an adult
  7. No pets allowed

 Dances, Special Events, Functions: All children under the age of 16 are to be accompanied by an    Adult. If they are there for the Dance or any other functions there is absolutely no running around tolerated and they will be asked to leave and not return.


Parents are responsible for all actions of their children throughout the Hinsdale Campground, but especially in the Recreation Center. You are responsible financially for any damage done to the  facility.


General Conduct: Campers, members of the family and guest are to comply with any State of NH laws, town laws or ordinances, rules and regulations of the Health and Fire Departments.


Rubbish:  Please pick up rubbish and leave off at dumpster located by office daily


Tarps: We only allow green Tarps in the Campground


Wood: Please store all wood piles in back of your site in a rack or some sort of storage bin not to exceed your holding container, maximum height 3ft by 4ft long


Site Clean: All sites should be clean and neat at all times


Clothe lines are not allowed


Children: Anyone under the age of 16 is to be accompanied by an adult after dark. All children need to wear bicycle helmets while riding their bike in the Campground. No bike riding after dark

Golf Carts:

  • Must be 18 years of age to drive a golf cart
  • A copy of insurance with $100,000.00 Liability must be kept on file at office.
  • Register all drivers and get a sticker for inspection when bringing Golf Cart into campground.
  • Must be on your site after 10:00 pm


PLEASE REMEMBER – The above guidelines have been established for your safety and to allow you and your campers to enjoy their stay at Hinsdale Campground.  Failure to follow these simple guidelines will force us to ask you to end your stay earlier than you may have planned.  If this should happen – sorry there are no refunds.

Rules and Regulations
can be revised at anytime by Management

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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