Hinsdale Campground at Thicket Hill Village in Hinsdale, NH
Situated in a wooded area next to the pools and kiddie play area, the Pavilion is available to all of our guests for meals and recreation.


A Shady Spot to Sit and Relax

The attractive open air structure with protective roof provides shelter from both sun and rain, and a place for swimmers to take a break from the pool.

the pavilion and swimming pool during the day
campground guests cooking food at the pavilion

Enjoy Group Meals

Equipped with picnic tables, electricity, trash cans and lighting, the Pavilion can accommodate plenty of people and is especially popular with Group Campers who enjoy having meals together.

A Community Gathering Place

The Pavilion is a great gathering place for fellow campers to meet and socialize during the day and in the evening.

It's a perfect spot for parties and festivities, for playing games, and for taking pool breaks.

nighttime scene at the pavilion with people swimming in the pool

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29 Pine St.
Hinsdale, NH 03451
Phone: 603-336-8906
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